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Hello everybody. I decided to start up this blog as a means of reviewing comics/graphic novels/zines that I casually read. I read a mixture of independent/creator-focused works (I’m a strong advocate for creator’s rights), as well as the occasional Marvel or DC superhero comics. I intend to go over the issues/collected volumes in terms of their writing, art and design. If it’s an older comic (depending upon the age), I’ll go over how well it holds up to this day, as well the context (to my best ability) of when it was produced. Reviews aren’t based a score standard, but rather my own opinion, which may be disputed in the comments (I encourage this).

I had debated upon creating this, while I thought it would be neat to go about reviewing comics, but I thought it would be limiting to review only the comics that I read. So. If anybody has suggestions for comics, ‘good or bad,’ and fairly cheap (I’m a poor college student, okay) and accessible, just leave it in the comments section or send a message somehow. I’m strongly attached to my anonymity, so that’s why I don’t have any e-mail posted (most have some semblance of my name in there), and if you do know me, great, but please don’t put my name in comments. Make something witty. I’m also not going to go back in a series that I’m reviewing, unless I go back and read them on my own time, or there is just a strong demand for it. You’re just going to have to deal with me starting reviews mid-series sometimes (since I had read those comics prior to this blog’s conception).

I have two works ready to be reviewed, and hopefully they should be up by the end of the week. Until then!

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