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Hello all. I just wanted to give a quick update. First off, I won’t be posting another review for a few days. Though, next time it will be a review for a full series rather than an individual issue or volume. So, it’ll be longer than the usual review. It will also be written. I want to keep video reviews for this blog contained to comic adaptations in film. I know the video quality of the last was poor, so any suggestions on cameras or anything else regarding the video reviews would be great. I want to keep doing them, but I do want to up the quality. Lastly…I NEED REVIEW SUGGESTIONS. Please. I have my own backlog of comics/graphic novels to read, but I’ll catch up to that sooner or later. I want to focus on recommendations rather than what I personally read. I will also start up a new set of comic analysis soon called ‘Between the Lines,’ which is generally a more comedic over-analysis of comics. These will be more infrequent than the regular reviews (like every 2-3 weeks on average). So, if you leave a suggestion you may also say if you want a straight up review or a ‘Between the Lines.’ That’s about it for now.

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