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‘Hellboy: The Fury #1’: a comics review

Note: They are spoilers to events prior to this issue in this review.

Hellboy: The Fury is the concluding story arc for the partnership between writer Mike Mignola and artist Duncan Fegredo. Prior to this arc it was found that Hellboy is a descendent of King Arthur, has Arthur’s sword, abandons it, and gave his left eye to Baba Yaga so he could confront the Nimue, the new Queen of the Witches, right as the Ogrdu Jahad, which has been foreshadowed since the first miniseries, begins to possess her. Phew. Now to The Fury!


Mignola jumps right into the action in this issue. There’s little exposition, lots of action, and two substantial twists. The sword that Hellboy abandoned has significance beyond Hellboy. And a character not seen in years returns. Without a doubt this first issue of The Fury is exciting. The prior arc The Storm was a let down for me, since little happened and didn’t seem to set much up. But the slow pacing of that arc allows The Fury to get a strong beginning.


Duncan Fegredo is still great. Out of all the artists to draw any Hellboy related work that’s not Mignola, Fegredo is definitely the strongest. His style is close to Mignola’s own, but more detailed. I’m a fan of Mignola’s minimalist style, but Fegredo does a great job with Hellboy. The Fury is no exception. Dave Stewart’s colors are good. Not surprising since he’s one of the best out there. It’s all good stuff.

Final Opinion:

The Fury is a great start to a potentially strong Hellboy miniseries. It begins to connect loose ends from prior arcs, has good action, the art is good (as usual with the series), and leaves the reader wanting more. Definitely read this if you’ve been following the Hellboy story so far. If you haven’t, but have liked the franchise, wait for it to be published in a collection…sometime…In the end, the first issue of The Fury has me wanting more. Not because it’s bad, but rather what the next two issues offer. Be next month already!

Hellboy is owned by Mike Mignola. The Fury #1 is written by Mike Mignola, with art by Duncan Fegredo. It is available from Dark Horse.

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