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‘Daredevil Noir’: a comics review

Daredevil Noir is a result of the creation of the small alternate continuity that gave its characters a noir tone. Of these imprint titles Spider-Man Noir, but Daredevil Noir was the most critically successful, especially considering that most titles were panned. Because Daredevil comics already tend to be crime orientated (following Frank Miller’s run) the character seems naturally inclined to be in the Noir universe. But is it successful?


Matt Murdock/Daredevil’s character is essentially the same as it is in the main Marvel universe. Instead of being a lawyer though, he is rather a errand boy for Foggy Nelson, a private detective. The style of the narrative feels very much like a film noir story. And Daredevil does fit in well enough. The plot can or can’t be predictable, but this is dependent upon the reader’s familiarity franchise. The work also combines the Bullseye and Elektra characters to a degree, which also plays off well actually. The secrecy of Daredevil’s identity is far too loose for my liking here and probably serves as the only drawback. Otherwise the writing is fairly solid. Making a story both in the vein of Daredevil and noir sensibilities.


Artist Tomm Coker’s art also does a fine job of emulating the noir style. Every panel has a good deal of graininess too it, which is supposed to create that noir feel and the sense that the narrative takes place in a detached past. While this does accomplish its goal, it feels forced. Other artists, such as Alex Maleev, have their works naturally contain the noir feel without an overemphasis on grain. It would’ve been nice to see that here. Even still, the art matches the intent of the narrative, and isn’t that bad on its own.

Final Opinion:

Daredevil Noir serves as a good addition to the Marvel Noir collection. While I didn’t like it as much I did Spider-Man Noir it was definitely strong. Both the styling of the narrative and the art give the work a noir feel that accomplishes its intent. And the Daredevil story does work well in a noir setting. However, I feel only Daredevil or Noir comic fans will take the greatest enjoyment from this, as it’s not the strongest work centered on the Man Without Fear.

Daredevil is owned by Marvel Comics. It is written by Alexander Irvine, with art by Tomm Coker.

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