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‘Shield: The Beginning of the End #1’: a comic review

Jonathan Hickman’s Shield series tells of the hidden past of the Shield organization. It serves as both historical fiction and connecting that with the present Shield organization seen in Marvel comics. I haven’t read the prior limited series that led up to this series, but the introduction to the issue serves as a good explanation for the events going on. The same applies for the characters, which are explained of their histories (in this series) before the issue. I had only heard good things about the first series, so I decided to check it out.


Hickman is bold to attempt to blend historical figures with that of their main continuity.  There isn’t much here that can be seen of the recognizable faces of the Marvel universe. I had some clue what was going on from the intro in the beginning, Hickman wastes no time delving into new things in this issue. What’s happening is odd, but Hickman makes it work, and there I understood what was going on by the end of the issue. There’s a lot going on for first issue, but it’s all interesting.


I was surprised at how much I liked the art in this issue. In most superhero works there’s a generic digital art scheme going on, but here it’s much more fresh. In Shield it’s different. While it’s certainly not groundbreaking, and similar to other works out there, it’s a nice change of pace. It fits the unique subject matter of the narrative, which would make sense why it’s different. Artist Dustin Weaver does a good job at making unique character design, background, and the historical depictions seen in the narrative.

Final Opinion:

I can see why Shield is a well liked series. It has a lot going for it. A unique story that works in Marvel continuity and brings in historical fiction. The art is quality. The ideas of the narrative are interesting. I’m interested in going back and reading the previous Shield series and the rest of this limited series. It’s definitely for those who like some of the absurdity that comics tend to bring (in that there’s time traveling historical figures), but it’s worth it for those who do.

Shield: The Beginning of the End is owned by Marvel. It’s written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Dustin Weaver.

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