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‘Dollhouse: Epitaphs’: a comic review

(Note: There are some spoilers for those who haven’t watched the show.)

Dollhouse: Epitaphs is a sequel of sorts to the television show Dollhouse, created by Joss Whedon. It continues the Whedon tradition of continuing his TV shows into comic form (both Firefly and Dollhouse were cancelled, but you probably already knew that). This single issue takes place before ‘Epitaph One’ at the end of Season One, but has material that’s seen in ‘Epitaph Two.’ But is it good?


Both Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharden collaborated on the writing in the issue, which helps tie in the work with the rest of the Dollhouse series since both served as writers for the show. The issue feels very much like the Epitaph episodes from the series, which I thought were the series highlight. The story is somewhat redundant because if you’ve watched the series you already know how the apocalyptic situation happens, as well as who survives. So, while it’s written well, I don’t feel like the story being told is that necessary in the context of what happened in the Dollhouse series. Even the ‘twist’ at the end of the issue isn’t that surprising.


The art is fairly standard. The characters have good models and everything works well for the narrative. My only complaint is the black line that outlines the characters. At times it’s fairly thick and can be annoying. It just feels too artificial. Other than that the art tends to be good, just nothing outstanding or bad. The colors also work well with the art and the narrative given. Though, it might’ve nice to see the grittier presentation as seen in the two Epitaph episodes.

Final Opinion:

Dollhouse: Epitaphs is a good one-shot issue, though it’s not really necessary in the whole of the series. The writers do a good job with the story and the art works for the narrative. The writing is definitely the stronger of the two points, but the art isn’t bad. This issue is going to be followed up by a three issue mini-series starting next month, which continues the story of this issue. This issue should be picked up by Dollhouse fans, who just want to see more of the story from the TV show.

Dollhouse was created by Joss Whedon. Dollhouse: Epitaphs was written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharden, with art by Cliff Richards.

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