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‘Female Force: Stephenie Meyer’: a graphic biography review

If this hadn’t been suggested to review by my girlfriend (and a slew of friends) I wouldn’t have reviewed this. I’m not a fan of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, or Bluewater Comics, the company that published this work. Regardless, reviewing must be done. This work is a part of line of biography series by Bluewater regarding influential woman in Western society, and by their standard Stephenie Meyer goes in there. Sure. But is it good?


The quick answer to the proposed question is no. For being part of a series of biographies titled ‘Female Force’ there is little biographical or feminine strength. The work is mainly dedicated to telling the story of how the Twilight series happened with Meyer’s own life taking the back seat. I learned less in this comic about her than I did reading the article about her on wikipedia. And I knew enough about the success of Twilght franchise to make the rest irrelevant.

The narrative is also framed by narration from a vampire. While this ties in with the Twilight series that made Meyer famous, the vampire is depicted in a more traditional fashion. This isn’t a sparkly vampire, just a regular coffin-dwelling vampire. While I prefer this styling I feel sorry for the guy (or whatever to label the living dead) to narrate this. It doesn’t fit the subject matter and is mostly awkward.

Since there is actually little to tell the writers included a brief graphic history of Forks, Washington. In general it’s a pretty solid history. Except it leaves out the implications of the crash of the timber industry in the rural Northwest in the past twenty years prior to draw of Twilight tourism in recent years. More importantly, they misspell a location in the Olympics. They call the Sol Duc River, Soleduck. It infuriated me (I’m a native of Washington State). It doesn’t take that much effort to look something up on a map. Way to go Bluewater.


I was already familiar with Bluewater’s weak artistic achievements. And Female Force: Stephenie Meyer is no different. The depictions of the vampire is often cheesy and doesn’t look like the artist is taking the subject seriously. But that’s not the greatest flaw of the work. That’s the failure of the artist to understand proper anatomy. Every time he draws a figure from a front angular perspective it appears as if they have incredibly anorexic. It’s really awkward looking (the sample below has one such example). The rest of the time it’s alright, but fairly bland.

Final Opinion:

This is a horrible work. Not only does it fail as a biographical work, but the art is fairly bland and occasionally amateur in terms of anatomical depiction. There’s nothing to recommend about this work. Not even for fans of Stephenie Meyer, there’s nothing of attraction here except the amateur-ish presentation of the subject and its execution.

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer is published by Bluewater Comics. It’s written by Ryan Burton, with art by Dave MacNeil. The Forks graphic history is written by Darren Davis, with art by Matt Belisle.

  1. R
    July 5, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Hey Everyone,
    This is R, YS’s girlfriend. Just to clarify, I do not actually like twilight. As most of my friends know, I pretty much hate it. A while back, he asked for a comic to review that he would hate. This is the first thing that came to mind. 🙂

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