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‘Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #4’: a comic review

Continuing on with my reviews of Eric Powell’s Godzilla mini-series is the fourth installment (you can find links to other reviews at the bottom of this review). How does it compare to the prior issues? Well, lets see.


This issue finally goes about getting what’s expected in a Godzilla series. Monster (kaiju) fighting monster. However, this doesn’t take the focus of the issues and doesn’t really have a proper build up. Most of the issue is spent using a new human character to create a perspective that looks negatively on the current trends in reality TV (it’s a Jersey Shore parody here). For being a Godzilla comic there is oddly more pop culture criticism then there is of actual Godzilla. The lack of kaiju build-up and the lack of focus makes this a dull read, but it is nice to see the action starting.


Phil Hester’s art has always been human focused and it suffers when it comes to the kaiju fighting. Most of the action occurs in two page spreads, while this annoyed me at first, in hindsight I thought this was a good decision because it creates an emphasis on the enormity of the kaiju. The art for the human sections is fine, but I was disappointed by Hester’s depiction of the kaiju fighting.

Also, it must be said that Eric Powell’s for the whole series have been excellent so far, and this cover is no exception.


Final Opinion:

Issue #4 is probably my least favorite so far in Eric Powell’s Godzilla mini-series. While I appreciate the action finally getting underway, the distracted focus of the narrative is getting really bad. When the actions begins it no longer becomes a human story. All the reader wants is Godzilla beating up other monsters and a reasonable, if not cheesy, build-up to this by the human cast. But there hasn’t been a consistent cast and the panel time for the kaijus is really inconsistent. Well, the back of this one teases for Ghidorah, so hopefully it’ll get better.

Godzilla is owned by Toho Studios. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters is licensed and published by IDW Publishing. It’s co-written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh. It’s penciled by Phil Hester and colored by Ronda Pattison.

Prior Issue Reviews:

Review of Issue #1 and #2.

Review of Issue #3.


Also, I just noticed that Angirus has pupils, but Godzilla or Battara doesn’t. Weird.

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