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‘Hellboy: The Fury #2’: a comic review

It’s been over a month since the first issue in The Fury mini-series came out. The first issue was great (you can see my review for that here) and it left me really excited for the second issue. Now it’s here and it’s time to review.


A lottttttttt happens in this issue. The dragon has come, which began at the end of The Storm, and there’s a great deal of fighting between it and Hellboy. The dialogue/pseudo-narration for the dragon is excellent. Mignola’s writing in this issue makes the dragon easily my favorite Hellboy villain. Beyond this action there’s some really great moments of the witches, Alice, the risen King, and more. There aren’t many happy things going on, but there’s a lot of great things for storytelling going on.


The art is solid as always. I’ve always been impressed how Duncan Fegredo can imitate Mignola’s art style, but remain individualistic at the same time. This isn’t an exception. And it’s great. The fight between the dragon and Hellboy is given a greater sense of power by Fegredo, same with the plot beyond the fight. The art is just as strong as always here.

Final Opinion:

With the second issue of the mini-series The Fury is still going strong. The first issue set up the events, and the way they’re unfolding makes for great and fun storytelling. Just like the first issue, the ending of this issue leaves you wanting for the third (and final) installment of The Fury.

Hellboy is owned by Mike Mignola. The Fury #2 is written by Mignola, with art by Duncan Fegredo.

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