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‘X-Factor: The Longest Night’: a comic review

I realized it’s been a while since I reviewed a Marvel work, so I decided to take a suggestion for a series. Based on the title of X-Factor I was expecting another superhero team comic. I’m glad I was wrong. They’re still a team of superpowered mutants, however the make up private investigation group. It may sound cheesy at first, but it plays off well, considering that most of their investigations have to do with mutants and the after effects of the House of M event, which left most mutants without their powers. With that explained, let’s look at the first volume of the run by writer Peter David, The Longest Night.


David does a good job at setting the atmosphere for the story outside of the typical superhero team story. Most of the characters are fleshed out, and those that aren’t are foreshadowed some development in later installments. Though I’m unfamiliar with most of the cast the story arcs pan out well and the developments are interesting. The use of the series as a follow-up to House of M is good, considering that I’m not a fan of cross-over events. In terms of narrative The Longest Night has its strengths in the characterizations and the atmosphere it creates.


The atmosphere of the narrative of the comic is aided a lot by the art of Ryan Sook and Dennis Calero. The art style reminds me a lot of Micahel Lark, but without the grit. The color choice reflects the thick atmosphere of the work. For the most part they’re dim, but clean. The colors and penciling help reinforce the narrative. It also helps set apart this X-Factor for traditional superhero fare but its stylistic choices. Sook and Calero do a good job of adding to the narrative with their art.

Final Opinion:

I was surprised at how much I liked The Longest Night. Peter David does a good job at setting apart the series from other superhero team storytelling. While it’s still tied into the larger Marvel universe, David is given enough freedom to use some story plots in the first volume. Artists Ryan Sook and Dennis Caleo add a lot to the atmosphere and stylistic direction of the series. I’m actually interested in reading more of the series someday. If you like deviations from typical superhero team stories, or the X-universe, X-Factor is worth a shot. I liked it, and, you know, I know stuff.

X-Factor is owned by Marvel. The Longest Night is written by Peter David, with art by Ryan Sook and Dennis Calero.

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