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‘The Goon: Nothin’ But Misery’: a comic review

I hate to admit this, but, this was my first time reading a Goon comic. After reading (and currently reviewing as it goes) the Godzilla mini-series Powell is doing for IDW, I decided it was a necessity. Even then it’s been long overdue for me to read it considering my love of Hellboy, whose first comics had a similar vibe to The Goon. Now that I’ve actually read it what did I think of the Goon?


More than anything else this first volume of the Goon (technically there’s a Volume 0, yeah it’s weird) is more comedic than an action adventure or occult fiction. In many cases it feels like supernatural situation comedy. I was expecting something a bit different given my experience with Hellboy. But the comedy of the Goon is great. Frankie, the Goon’s sidekick, and the supporting cast are pretty great. The comedic highlights are these characters, the first story, and the business-seal-that-only-says-Arf-but-they-can-understand-fully. Regardless of its tone, the Goon is a fun to read for its comedy.


Powell’s art complements his narrative well. The designs for the supernatural are more fun than they are creepy. Powell also did the colors for the volume (I was surprised at how involved he was with the project). The colors are light and help establish the comedic focus of the collection. Powell’s art and colors go a long way in enforcing the comedic and tone of his narrative. Like the narrative itself, the art is just as fun to look as it is to read.

Final Opinion:

My first foray into the world of the Goon was filled with light-hearted supernatural fun. I had been something more of occult seriousness due to my exposure to Mignola’s work, but that’s not what the Goon is (at least for now, I’ve heard it gets pretty serious). Nothin’ But Misery is a fun supernatural comedic romp with a big guy who beats stuff up, with equally (and most likely more) fun sidekicks and characters. It makes good light reading.

The Goon is owned by Eric Powell. It’s written and drawn by him as well.

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