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‘Daredevil #1’: a comic review

I knew about the relaunch of the Daredevil franchise for some time now. While it hadn’t been discontinued per se, the quality of the series has diminished significantly since the writing runs of Brian Michael Bendis and Ed Brubaker (which I have yet to read). Having liked so far of what I’ve read of Daredevil material I decided to give this a shot.


This issue was more than anything else more fun than interesting. Not to say that it wasn’t interesting, since the last page or two sets up interest for subsequent volumes. The narrative is well paced. It also sets up this volume of Daredevil as friendly to new readers who don’t know about the character’s continuity. As someone with some Daredevil familiarity, but also out of the loop for the character recently this issue worked for both ends.


While Mark Waid was understandable choice for writing role, I was bit surprised with the choice of Paolo Rivera as artist. The choice of Rivera is good because his style of art lends itself well towards the narrative. Rivera’s style for depicting Daredevil’s radar is also one of the better I’ve seen for the character. I suspect that a lot of fun feeling of the narrative comes from the warm colors used by the colorist Javier Rodriguez. The art is very friendly to both a new reader of the character and the new direction of the franchise.

Final Opinion:

Based on the first issue of this run for Daredevil I suspect good things for the character. While it’s certainly not the same as the crime drama focus of the Bendis/Brubaker era there is still a lot of potential. The first issue is a fun read, that ends on an interesting note. The art is friendly for new readers, and also signals the emphasis of a new direction for the character. There’s little to go wrong with Daredevil #1.

Daredevil is owned by Marvel Comics. Daredevil #1 is written by Mark Waid, with art by Paolo Rivera.

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