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‘Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5’: a comic review

Continuing on with my review of Eric Powell’s Godzilla mini-series is the fifth issue. At a point where a Godzilla/Angirus fight left hope for improvements in the series. How does the penultimate issue of the series fare? Well, let’s see.


While the previous issue left off on a really strong that had me excited for the last two issues, this issue brought it down again. What made the conclusion of the prior issue so good was the kaiju action between Godzilla and Angirus finally happening. But, in this that is all gone. It’s back to human drama of characters that are introduced and dismissed in the same issue. While this has been the trend for the entire run, it’s incredibly irritating since this issue is supposed to be the build-up to the conclusion. Because of these random stories, and a weak sense of danger between the monsters, I can’t express any excitement for the next issue based on this issue.


The kaiju cast art is about the same as its been through the whole series. A new artist, Victor Santos, has stepped in to work on the conclusion of the seires. They still work. What doesn’t work here is the art for the human characters (that takes up most of the comic). This issue easily has the worst presentation of the human cast. Most of the time the faces appear stretched and look really odd. There is another time when one person’s skin is colored black (when they’re white), but the rest of the people in the panel have normal colors. It really doesn’t look professional. While I can stand the kaiju (who should really have the show at this point) art, Santo’s human designs are awful.

Final Opinion:

The fifth issue of the Godzilla mini-series is a great disappointment. The last issue teased the potential strength for the reminder of the series, but whatever great excitement I had is now completely gone. This issue suffers from a human cast that I don’t care about, a lack of kaiju action, and boredom on my part. New artist, Victor Santos, fails to create interesting human characters, most of which are hard to look at. This issue should’ve had excited for the conclusion to the series, but it has left me apathetic.

Godzilla is owned by Toho Studios. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters is licensed and published by IDW Publishing. It’s co-written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh. It’s penciled by Victor Santos and colored by Ronda Pattison.

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