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Jet City Comic Show 2011: A Recap

I decided to check out this year’s Jet City Comic Show in Seattle, Washington. A small, but sizeable, comic convention in its second year. This is my  first year of going to comic book conventions, Jet City being my second (the other being Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland). I decided to give the convention a recap based on my experience there.

As already mentioned it was a small event-lasting only 8 hours in one day. Nor was the guests attending or the size of the space commanding the same sort of attention as other of the larger comic events on the west coast. The most famous guest to attend was Greg Rucka, who like last year, was a no show. But there was plenty of talent there. The show drew talent I knew or was interested in. Specifically Emi Lenox and Matthew Clark. Emi’s most notable comic work is Emitown, a graphic work I still need to get around to pick up. And Matthew Clark who created some excellent promo art for the convention.

Regardless of the talent, the event seemed particularly tailored to a comic marketplace, rather than a gathering of talent in the industry. Local comic shops and similar businesses took up more than half the floor space of the event and drew the commanding attention. When I walked into the exhibition space I had to walk past all the businesses before I could find the creators. This kind of disturbed me, since when I go to these events I find myself more interested in meeting and finding new creators, and then being supplemented by comic shops, where I can pick up works at a discount. The creators, in my opinion, should be more showcased than the businesses.

a part of the large comic shop presence

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s important that local comic shops are at the event. In my opinion, though, they should be more supplemental to the creators than vice versa. More than anything else I came away from Jet City Comic Show with the impression that it was more of a comic market event with some creators, rather a comic convention. Maybe this is part of the show’s growth, it’s their second year, or the crowd presence working as was due to absence of Rucka. I’m not sure exactly what the reasoning was for it, but it left the strongest impression of the event for me. I hope to go to the show next year to see if it’s changed, and maybe, just maybe, an elusive Greg Rucka will show up.

I also learned it’s very difficult to go to a comic convention without any spending money…

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