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Comic Catch-Up #2

I decided to this segment of Comic Catch-Up on two single issues that have been released in the past month; Blue Beetle #1 and Dollhouse: Epitahs #3. Both comics touch a different demographic, so if you’re more interested in reading about one more than the other, feel free to do so.

This issue of the Blue Beetle is part of the larger new 52 issues marking the beginning of the new DC universe after the reboot in late August/early September. So far, it’s the only issue I’ve read from the new issues. My attraction to this particular issue was because Blue Beetle was a character I became a big fan of during his previous 36 issue run. When reading this issue I felt that more than anything else, this issue was trying to invoke the previous series. For a fan of the prior series you can see the same thread lines. It’s a not a carbon copy of the previous series’ introduction, but a good summation of how the other run began in general. This appears mostly in the characters, because the plot is a quick introduction, and also different from the previous series. For the most part this issue is very introductory, an homage to fans of the character already and a quick intro to those unfamiliar with the character.

For those that followed my previous blog (or read it on thatguywiththeglasses website) you would know that I’ve been following this mini-series from its beginning. While I had reservations about the original one-shot, I’ve been enjoying the mini-series after that a lot. It’s a comic that is definitely for fans of the TV show. It’s really hard to talk about the comic without spoiling prior issues. Talking about it generally though it does a good job of building off the prior issues. It feels like the stronger episodes of the television series. If you’ve watched the show I recommend giving this series a shot, it’s worth it.

Both issues were a good read. Blue Beetle for its renewal of a great character, and a TV show that is getting a proper continuation in comic form. If you are a fan of either I recommend giving them a shot.


Next Comic Catch-Up I’ll be looking at Craig Thompson’s Habibi and Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang: A Journey Into North Korea.

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