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Top 5 Worst Zelda Bosses

I’m aware that I hardly touch upon video games, but I’m avid fan of the Zelda franchise. In honor of the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise and the upcoming release of Skyward Sword I decided to take a look at the bosses of the series. In the next two weeks I’ll go over both the worst and best bosses of the series.

This first week I’ll be looking at the worst of the series. Worst in the sense of the most frustrating or annoying in their design. There are many bosses in the series that were disappointing, but it’s the ones that outright frustrated players that get the most attention. With that here are my top 5 worst Zelda bosses:

 #5 Gekko–Great Bay Temple (Majora’s Mask)

In Majora’s Mask there are two variations of the Gekko mini-boss, the first being in the Woodfall temple and the second in the Great Bay Temple. While, this list is aimed at the worst bosses Majora’s Mask has a short list of of bosses and as such I feel like mini-bosses should be included from that game. Out of the two Gekko fights, the second one is the more frustrating of the two. Frustration doesn’t come from the damaging globs laid out randomly on the floor, but rather trying to freeze Gekko (with the Ice Arrows) while he is on/falling from the ceiling. There is a short amount of time between the time Gekko is on the top of the ceiling to the time he falls upon Link dealing a great amount of damage. The short length of time and some camera issues make this mini-boss one of the worst of the franchise.

#4 Morpha–Water Temple (Ocarina of Time)

It is known fact amongst casual die-hard Zelda fans that the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time is a royal pain in the ass. The dungeon layout, the placement of keys, the annoying Dark Link mini-boss (who would be here if the list was longer), and suitably the boss of the dungeon-Morpha. In all fairness, Morpha isn’t a difficult boss, but rather made frustrating by the frustrating layout of the room which don’t play nice with the game’s camera. Using the hookshot to pull the Morpha nucleus out of the water becomes way more challenging than need be because of this flawed camera design. Not a boss made terrible by itself, but rather one of the game’s few flaws, camera angles.

#3 Fraaz–Snow Temple (Spirit Tracks)

The Zelda franchise has had several bosses that have mixed the elements of flame and ice together. Each time it has been challenging for the player, but the mixture is easily at it’s worse in Spirit Tracks with Fraaz. The initial stage of the fight is fairly easy, but once you need to use Fraaz’s own attacks to damage him. In many ways the fight is innovative on the flame/ice boss format of the franchise, though the second half of the fight is incredibly frustrating to figure out. It took several deaths (and fairies) before I figured it out and even then I had a great deal of anger with this boss.

#2 Moldorm–Hera Tower (A Link to the Past)

When it comes to annoying Zelda bosses the first thing that people typically say is Moldorm from A Link to the Past. It wasn’t annoying in the sense that the fight wasn’t challenging, but because of the spastic nature of the enemy. It’s somewhat difficult to strike the boss’ weak point, however, it’s easy to deflect damage from the boss. What becomes annoying is if Link is at the edge of the area and Moldorm bumps you fall one level and have to restart the entire boss fight once you go back to the boss room. It’s a stupid concept of health regeneration and incre

#1 Mothula–Skull Woods (A Link to the Past)

While most people would easily label Moldorm as the worst Zelda boss it’s easy to oversee another one from A Link to the Past-Mothula. While the Moldorm fight is frustrating because of continually restarting the fight if you fall of the edge; the Mothula fight is terrible because of the room layout. The floor moves, spikes shoot out at you, and Mothula flies around shooting beams (in a predictable manner). Mothula himself isn’t hard, it’s the moving floor and the spikes that make this fight annoying. No other Zelda boss has such a poorly thought up room design as the one for Mothula.

And that is my Top 5 Worst Zelda Bosses list. There were a lot of other bosses that almost made this list. Most of these bosses aren’t horribly designed mainly there was some sort of factor in the room design, camera angles, or quirks that made them horrible. And compared to many other Action-Adventure/RPGs these bosses are far superior. Which says a lot about the quality of the Zelda franchise. With that in mind, next week I’ll put up the Top 5 Best Zelda Bosses.

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