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A Top Pop 100 Review – 2010 (Archive Post)

With school out, and days off, I haven’t much to do of late. Also recently Billboard Magazine has released their Year-End Top 100 list and I thought I’d go over every song and detail it out here. Thanks to Youtube I have access to basically every song on the list. I am solely judging the songs based on the song itself, not the video. Go ahead and make some critiques if you want. It may be painful at times, and it may be surprising. So brave with me.


You can find the entiretyentireity of the list here: http://www.billboard.com/charts-year-end/hot-100-songs?year=2010#/charts-year-end/hot-100-songs?year=2010&begin=91&order=position


Here is the list and my comments:

#100 ‘Lover, Lover’ by Jerrod Nieman: I’m not much a fan of Pop Country, but this song is better than a majority of the country songs that get airplay. There are some cool musical parts. Somewhat a blend of adult alternative and country.


#99 ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’ by Alicia Keys: The beat is pretty cool, and the medley makes a use of 80s-ish synhs. Keys’ vocals seem out of place with the music creating an odd, and somewhat boring, listen. The last minute of the song feels really out of place with the rest of the song.


#98 ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ by Cali Swag District: I had to look up what a Dougie is. It’s a dance from the 80s and 90s. The beat is sorta interesting. It works more as a fluid dance track more than a rap track. Imagine a version of ‘Crank That’ that is slowed down and more restrained.


#97 ‘Smile’ by Uncle Kracker: I was expecting a bad song earlier than this. This is bad in the sense of it being cheesy with no redeeming fun factor.


#96 ‘Life After You’ by Daughtry: I don’t get why Daughtry is so popular. This single sounds the same as most adult alternative and many more songs. Not that it’s horrid, just doesn’t stand out.


#95 ‘King of Anything’ by Sara Bareilles: Unlike Daughtry I can see why Bareilles is popular. Her piano work is good and a lot of the other instrumentation works with the lyrics. The first minute was absolutely fantastic, and while I don’t think the song keeps up the energy it wasn’t bad on the whole.


#94 ‘American Honey’ by Lady Antebellum: I like this in terms of instrumentation. It has a very bluegrass feel of country music, except for the electric guitar that has a few notes beginning in the second verse. I feel like the vocals fall under the generic singing style of Pop Country, which I’m not the biggest fan of.


#93 ‘The Only Exception’ by Paramore: Welcome to Open Mic Night. Playing tonight is Paramore! Seriously, the first half of the song could’ve been written by nearly anyone. There’s only a 30 second bit where there’s anything changed up. Hardly any build up, just consistent bore.


#92 ‘If I Die Young’ by The Band Perry: I’ve made two comments on my indifference to Pop Country, but then I came across this song. Great instrumentation and decent vocals. The song is mellow all the way through, but I didn’t find it that boring.


#91 ‘The House That Built Me’ Miran Lambert: Good use of supporting electric guitar, otherwise, BORING.


#90: ‘Right Above It’ by Lil’ Wayne ft. Drake: Now, I’ve never been a Lil’ Wayne fan. The intro to this track is fantastic. The DJ for this song used great samples and I feel like it’s the strongest part of the track. Maybe this my bias against Lil’ Wayne, but I didn’t find much to like about the rap.


#89 ‘Eenie Meenie’ by Sean Kingston ft. Justin Bieber: Most people move beyond musically using the rhyme ‘Eenie Meenie’ before their adolescence. Not Justin Bieber or Sean Kingston. This song sucks.


#88 ‘Undo It’ by Carrie Underwood: Is Carrie Underwood a Pop Diva or Country Western Diva? Either way, it’s basically the same. This sucks.


#87 ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon: I know specifically this song was on last year’s Top 100, but it carried over to this year too. Is that a bad thing? No. While the opening guitar isn’t that great, and somewhat annoying, the rest of the song is good. I miss alternative rock being popular, don’t you?


#86 ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Beyonce: Another carry over from last year. Still sucks. Thank god Beyonce left alone the Euryhtmics song by the same name.


#85 ‘Say Something’ by Timbaland ft. Drake: I didn’t like this song from the beginning. There wasn’t any redeeming qualities to it. Beats aren’t interesting, nor are the raps, and the application of auto tunes is dumb.


#84 ‘Today Was A Fairytale’ by Taylor Swift: I am indifferent to Taylor Swift. Somewhat I consider to be Pop Country. Is it better than ‘Undo It’? Yes, definitely. Better than ‘If I Die Young’? No. This song isn’t that great or interesting.


#83 ‘There Goes My Baby’ by Usher: This is boring. Not wrong specifically, just dull. There are some good spots of Usher singing, but nothing making it more interesting


#82 ‘Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)’ by Usher ft. Plies: It’s mellow like the previous Usher song, but the beat is better than the last. There a good deal of dumb lyrics and the use of Daddy is definitely changed for a different meaning. But in the end I think I like this more than the previous Usher track.


#81 ‘Stuck Like Glue’ by Sugarland: More simplistic songwriting. Nothing remarkable here.


#80 ‘I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)’ by Kevin Rudolf ft. Birdman, Jay Sean, and Lil’ Wayne: It’s over the top, featuring an abundance of guest musicians. What do I think? I like it. The raps are cool by the guests (yes, even Wayne). Kevin himself isn’t that bad either. The beat is okay, but works for something fun.


#79 ‘All I Do is Win’ by DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, and Rick Ross: Way over the top. I don’t care much for the main musician or Rick Ross, but Ludacris and T-Pain were awesome, but hated the Snoop Dogg verse. For Ludacris and T-Pain alone is it worth it.


#78 ‘Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)’ by Alicia Keys: I’ve been too disliking of the more mellow tracks. The beat is just as good, if not better, than the previous Keys tracks. This time the vocals match up more and it pays off. I like this.


#77 ‘Naturally’ by Selena Gomez and The Scene: I didn’t expect much from this former Disney Channel actor, but this is a pretty good track. Admittedly I feel like I’d see this on a Dance Dance Revolution game before an actual club. But this is still kinda fun.


#76 ‘Secrets’ by OneRepublic: The cello part in the first twenty seconds is great. The rest of the song not so much. It’s not that interesting. Similar to energy of the Daughtry track. I must give some praise for the usage of a cello in a Pop song though.


#75 ‘Rock That Body’ by The Black Eyed Peas: It seems that Black Eyed Peas tracks are either hit or miss. Wiil.I.Am’s raps in this track are bland. The beat is kinda cool though. What about Fergie? WORST PART. Seriously. Super annoying, luckily she doesn’t have a big part. Oddly, the sample used might’ve been the best part. Kinda cool. Yeah, I just said 90s house rap sampling was cool. In the end though this is a miss.


#74 ‘Already Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson: Nothing terribly interesting here. The string medley is kinda cool, but the beat and the lyrics aren’t. Maybe too melodramatic.


#73 ‘My First Kiss’ by 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha: Thus far this is the only song that I’ve actually hated. This song is crap.


#72 ‘Two is Better Than One’ by  Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift: Once upon a time, there was a song called ‘One is the Loneliest Number,’ which relied why one sucks because it’s lonely. That’s what this song says too, but it’s not as interesting and more than likely won’t stand the test of time like the other song.


#71 ‘Forever’ by Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, and Eminem: I’m not a big fan of the sampling used on the track. But there is some terrific rapping here, sans Kanye. Both Drake and Eminem verses are representational of great rap.


#70 ‘Impossible’ by Shontelle: The instrumental parts are diminished to give way to Shontelle’s vocals, which are good. When the beat picks up it’s pretty good. I like this.


#69 ‘3’ by Brittney Spears: This is annoying, not as much as ‘My First Kiss,’ but still bad.


#68 ‘Deuces’ by Chris Brown ft. Tyga and Kevin McCall: Musically sucks, lyrically proof that Brown is douche.


#67 ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus: I miss Selena Gomez already. This song is unremarkable, Cryus’ vocals is kinda annoying. But nothing horrible beyond that.


#66 ‘Your Love’ by Nicki Minaj: I can see why some people would like this. But I have no love for this track, but also no hate. I’m neutral here.


#65 ‘Tie Me Down’ by New Boyz ft. Ray J: There is a horrendous abuse of auto tunes for the vocals. The sample is alright. Not bad, but far from good.


#64 ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady Gaga: I see nothing positive or negative really in this song. Admittedly I felt I would have some sort of charged opinion of the Gaga track in some fashion, but I don’t. The song is just okay. The only problem I have with it is that the title has nothing to do with the title, unless Gaga is targeting her critics.


#63 ‘Magic’ by B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo: I actually like this quite a bit. B.o.B is great, the beat is great, and even Rivers Cuomo works well. This song is great.


#62 ‘Misery’ by Maroon 5: This song is okay. It’s something that is kinda enjoyable as you listen to it, but you forget about it after you listen to it.


#61 ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees: I’m really not sure how to feel about dance/pop rock. It can be cheesy or fairly good. This one is more of the latter.


#60 ‘Over’ by Drake: I’m starting to like Drake. This is better than ‘Forever,’ both the raps and the beats/medley are terrific. The chorus is okay, but the rest of the song is great.


#59 ‘Take it Off’ by Ke$ha: I was dreading the Ke$ha tracks from the start of this. The first tens seconds are absolutely horrid. While it’s not as directed as her other, it sounds like this song was directed to teens attempting to be hardcore. And fails. Sucks.


#58 ‘Meet Me Halfway’ by The Black Eyed Peas: I’m not too familiar with The Black Eyed Peas to have calmer singles, but this is just that. And it’s a refreshing change. I like this. Fergie’s part is the highlight of this piece. A redemption from the atrocity of the last single on the last. This is good stuff.


#57 ‘You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift: One of the supposed points of Pop music is to be catchy. And this song succeeds at that. While it’s music is okay, and the lyrics clice, the chorus is super catchy. As a Pop song it succeeds.


#56 ‘My Chick Bad’ by Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj: This song is ridiculous, in the sense of being over the top and silly. It’s kinda fun based on how ridiculous. You can tell Ludacris was having fun with this song. At the same time it’s kinda funny in the regard. Nicki Manji is alright, not adding much to the song.


#55 ‘According to You’ by Orianthi: Orianthi is a bad that is essentially trying to merge the ingredients of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, takes few of their benefits and all their flaws. Not too interesting, similar to any other teen pop song.


#54 ‘All the Right Moves’ by OneRepublic: This song is similar to OneRepublic song in terms of energy. It’s still not exciting, The cello is now electric, which I have mixed feelings about. The drum beat is pretty cool. It seems they only do one thing right.


#53 ‘Do You Remember’ by Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul and Lil’ Jon: Lil’ Jon is ridiculous and awesome, and he is no different here. Jay Sean is okay, but nothing exciting. Sean Paul is annoying. Mediocre.


#52 ‘Bottoms Up’ by Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj: This song is pretty catchy. The beat feels bouncy. It’s pretty fun. I think Manji takes away from this song. Her bit is pretty annoying. But everything is good.


#51 ‘Blah Blah Blah’ by Ke$ha ft. 3OH!3: Remember when I said I was dreading Ke$ha? This song is a good example of what I was fearing. The medley feels like she made an 8-bit Gaga track. But Ke$ha is far more annoying than Gaga. 3OH!3 still suck too. This whole track sucks.


#50 ‘Young Forever’ by Jay-Z+Mr. Hudson: First off, Mr. Hudson sucks. Second, stealing Bob Dylan and swapping the position of words is dumb. Big time dumb. Honestly, Jay-Z is pretty good in this song. However, I hate the idea of the song.


#49 ‘Hard’ by Rihanna ft. Jeezy: This song is pretty mediocre. Nowhere near as good compared with most previous singles by Rihanna. Just okay.


#48 ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ by Kris Allen: Another unremarkable piece. The vocals and instrumentation is fine, but the energy is lacking. It’s alright.


#47 ‘Only Girl (In the World)’ by Rihanna: This song is fantastic. The medley is tight and builds up nicely into the chorus. Rihanna’s vocals are fantastic. This song is fun. I like this.


#46 ‘Mine’ by Taylor Swift: I am just going to refer to unremarkable pieces as BGM, background music. This song has decent instrumentation and fairly good vocals. Not as good as ‘You Belong With Me’ but not horrible.


#45 ‘Whataya Want From Me’ by Adam Lambert: Lambert is super whiny in this song and serves as an immediate turnoff. The guitars are pretty good. But Lambert ruins the song.


#44 ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris: I’m pretty sure this is a joke, right? Yeah? God, I hope so.


#43 ‘Whatcha Say’ by Jason Derulo: The sample of Imogen Heap is incredibly odd for me. The rest of it is okay. The lyrics are cliche and the auto tunes is kinda awkward.


#42 ‘Bulletproof’ by La Roux: Awesome! I love this! It’s catchy, fun, and has a cool beat and medley.


#41 ‘Down’ by Jay Sean ft. Lil’ Wayne: This song is pretty cheesy and cliche. Again the application of auto tunes can be bad. The Lil’ Wayne bit is okay. Just like the rest of the song.


#40 ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ by Flo Rida ft. David Guetta: I don’t care much for the chorus, but the verses are pretty good. I’m not sure if it’s Flo Rida, but I’m pretty sure the inclusion of David Guetta is what drives the track. And for that I think I like this.


#39 ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ by Michael Buble: I’m bored. I don’t get Michael Buble.


#38 ‘Carry Out’ by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake: This song is gross.


#37 ‘Like a G6’ by Far*East Movement ft. Cataracs and Dev: If you’re dumb you make songs like this. This song sucks.


#36 ‘How Low’ by Ludacris: The ‘chipmunk’ bit is pretty annoying. The rest of the medley/beats is pretty good though, a nice build up into the chorus. Some of the raps are pretty silly, but pretty fun. I like this.


#35 ‘Just a Dream’ by Nelly: More cliche, nothing too special about this. Some of the medley is catchy, that’s it.


#34 ‘Ridin’ Solo’ by Jason Derulo: I like the medley for this song. Both intro and chorus of this song are pretty cool. Much better than ‘Whatcha Say.’ I like this.


#33 ‘Alejandro’ by Lady Gaga: I liken this to ‘Paparazzi.’ Not bad, but not too great. Unlike ‘Paparazzi’ though, the chorus is catchier here.


#32 ‘Find Your Love’ by Drake: The lyrics are ok. But I really like the medley/beat here. Probably the best part. Hey, hey, hey.


#31 ‘Say Aah’ by Trey Songz ft. Fabolous: This song is a lyrical mess. Whatever was going last time for Songz is absent here. Also, see ‘Carry Out.’ Thoroughly mediocre.


#30 ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City: I’ll put aside Postal Serivce comparisons aside. But Owl City is pretty boring an uneventful. This song isn’t for me. That’s all I’ll say about it.


#29 ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas: This song is great musically. Song of the lyrics are silly. But I’m totally fine with that. This is party music and it succeeds there. I like this.


#28 ‘Your Love is My Drug’ by Ke$ha: MY EARS! MAKE IT STOP. NOW.


#27 ‘Breakeven’ by The Script: The chorus is dumb. The verses are alright. Just a run of the mill adult alternative song.


#26 ‘Sexy Chick’ by David Guetta ft. Akon: First off, this is awesome. Actually, that’s it. While the lyrics are silly, it’s fun. David Guetta shines again here.


#25 ‘Replay’ by Iyaz: This song is possibly the cheesiest song so far on the list. In that sense it’s pretty bad, but in the way that’s good because of that. It’s also really really catchy. And that plays off for it.


#24 ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem: This song is okay. The rap in the first verse is pretty good, while the rest are alright. I don’t think this holds up as well when compared to Eminem’s earlier stuff though.


#23 ‘Billionare’ by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars: Welcome to Open Mic Night! We have Travie McCoy tonight! His friend will step in sometimes for your benefit. Seriously, how do songs with three different notes get this popular?


#22 ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love’ by Usher ft. Pitbull: If you have to listen to one Usher song this year, make it this one. This song is fun. Both the choruses and verses are great. The medley and beats are great. Pitbull is okay. But on the whole I like this.


#21 ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Jay-Z+Alicia Keys: Jay-Z raps are much more restrained than a good deal of the others are on this list and it works for the more restrained medley and beats. The raps themselves are pretty good too. Keys in the chorus is pretty catchy, her verse is pretty good too. One of the best rap tracks of the year. Genuinely good.


#20 ‘Imma Be’ by The Black Eyed Peas: The first half of the song is alright, a bit annoying but not horrid. However, the second half just becomes a mess. It loses any professional development the group has. This is a miss.


#19 ‘Cooler Than Me’ by Mike Posner: The beat during the verses are pretty good. Posner just doesn’t work with this song though. He drains most of the energy that the song has. It could be so much better if it was someone else.


#18 ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars: The lyrics are pretty cheesy, but the medley, beat, and Mar’s vocals arll work for the song. The chorus is pretty good too. I sorta like this.


#17 ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry: Perry’s vocals are annoying, given that they’re not annoying as Ke$ha, but still bad. The beat and medley are just fine. The rest of the song isn’t that interesting.


#16 ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce: This song would just be okay, but I do think Beyonce takes away from it. A little below mediocre.


#15 ‘Rude Boy’ by Rihanna: This is basically the female version of ‘Carry Out.’ Most of the okay. I’d say it’s below par par for the dumb lyrics.


#14 ‘In my Head’ by Jason Derulo: Simpler than ‘Ridin’ Solo,’ and in my opinion, not as good. But it’s still not bad.


#13 ‘Bedrock’ by Young Money ft. Lloyd: The track lists only one guest, but there’s at least five others. Way too many. Especially without anything over the top. And again there is a case of dumb lyrics. Sucks.


#12 ‘I Like It’ by Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull: The dance factor of this song is overtly present. It’s pretty good. Iglesias is nothing special though. And Pitbull is still okay. There’s better dance songs though this year.


#11 ‘Nothin’ on You’ by B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars: This is the best of the BGM hits. B.o.B is still good. Bruno Mars sounds the same as his other hit. I didn’t see anything else interesting in the song.


#10 ‘Break Your Heart’ ft. Ludacris, and, #9 ‘Dynamite’ both by Taio Cruz: I love both of these songs. They’re both a lot of fun. Both are pretty silly, but the fun being had is noticeable. I don’t know why Taio uses auto tunes because he can actually sing (I’ve watched videos of this). I think it adds to the pop factorization to the song. I’m not sure which hit is better. They’re both really good. Taio Cruz is a good example of plain fun song Pop music.


#8 ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga: This is the worst of the Gaga hits of the year. Her vocals during the verses are kinda annoying. They’re better in the chorus, but nothing. Musically, it sounds about the same as the others. Sub-par.


#7 ‘Love the Way You Lie’ by Eminem ft. Rihanna: This song tries to be more emotional than the previous Eminem hit. While it succeeds here, I don’t think it’s any better. It feels cliched. It’s alright in the end.


#6 ‘Airplanes’ by B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams: B.o.B has been solid this year. Williams is alright, but the highlight is definitely the verse raps. On that level the song is good.


#5 ‘OMG’ by Usher ft. Will.I.Am: I don’t understand why Usher is using auto tunes here. He sounds fine without it. None of his other singles have it. The song starts off just fine, but then it devolves into lyrical stupidity. Will.I.Am is nothing special here.


#4 ‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg: This is the generic Katy Perry song. Lyrically it borders Ke$ha territory. Snopp Dogg’s part is bad. This song sucks.


#3 ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ by Train: Lyrically, this song is horrendous. However, it has a super catchy chorus going for it. I’m indifferent to it as I am with the majority of adult alternative. Also, apparently the #1 downloaded song of the year.


#2 ‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum: Meh. This song is boring. Nothing interesting here. I’m not too sure how this got to be #2.


#1 ‘Tik Tok’ by Ke$ha: HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE THIS?!


There. I have listened to all the top pop songs of the year, according to Billboard. Other than Ke$ha there wasn’t anything too horrendous on the list. Most of the time the music isn’t too remarkable. I could listen to it in the background, but I wouldn’t actively listen to the music. A lot of the repeat artists had a mix of success and failure. The use of guest artists is getting far too prolific. I see it as a means of marketing a track and the image of the guests. I feel like a lot of artists wouldn’t be confident in the quality of their music without them, which is sorta disappointing. Honestly, sans Ke$ha, this wasn’t as painful as I thought it’d be. When Pop music is great it’s fantastic, when it’s bad, well…yeah.

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