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2011 Year-End Top Pop 100: A Review (#100-76)

Last year, I did a casual review of Billboard magazine’s Year-End Top 100 pop hits. I didn’t do this as a form of self-torture, but as a means of challenging my own tastes and also getting a glimpse what the trends of pop music tend to be. I went about this by listening to only the song and not judging the songs based on their music videos. While there was obvious frustration with some songs, I found the experience rather enjoyable and so I decided to give it a shot again this year.

I’ll go over all of Billboard Magazine’s Year-End Top 100 pop songs for 2011. I’ll give a short, casual review for each. A few sentences at the longest. If it was a song that carried over from last year’s chart I’ll give a quick synopsis of my opinion and mention if there has been any change in my opinion of it.

With that, here is the first 25 songs on the list:


#100: ‘My Last’-Big Sean ft. Chris Brown

The beat is bland, the chorus and verses are all together bland. Also, apparently the key to pop chorus is repe-repe-repetition of a single word.

#99: ‘Colder Weather‘-Zac Brown Band

It’s pretty standard Country rock-ish tune. There’s nothing horrible about it, but nothing that great about it either. It’s fine background music that you don’t pay attention to.

#98: ‘You and Tequila’-Kenny Chesney ft. Grace Potter

Like the previous song this is standard Country . However, it’s of a lesser standard and far more forgettable.

#97: ‘Animal’-Neon Trees

Animal was on the chart last year. I found it enjoyable then and I find it the same now.

#96: ‘Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not’-Thompson Square

Country again. Not that great. Also, the idea of 30-somethings singing a song about kissing me or not sounds incredibly immature for that age. Just saying.

#95: ‘She Will’-Lil Wayne ft. Drake

The verses and chorus are standard Young Money style. Nothing that great. However, the intro medley and beat are great, and it occurs throughout the rest of the song.

#94: ‘God Gave Me You’-Blake Shelton

If you want to look at Country as a genre this song is a good example of the genre. That being said, it’s pretty bland.

#93: ‘Price Tag’-Jessie J ft. B.O.B.

Jessie J is a forgettable vocalist, however the beat and medley is pretty good. The highlight is definitely the featuring of B.O.B who I have great respect for after his three hits last year.

#92: ‘Sure Thing’-Miguel

Sure Thing is a bland R & B song. I actually laughed at passively ridiculous this song is. It’s a good chuckle.

#91: ‘Please Don’t Go’-Mike Posner

The beat is fairly decent throughout the track. It establishes itself early, but doesn’t change that much during the song, and when it does it’s pretty bad 8-bit. The vocals and lyrics aren’t that memorable.

#90: ‘Take A Back Road’-Rodney Atkins

Last year I noticed that the bottom of the list was dominated by bland Country songs. This year is no different.

#89: ‘She Ain’t You’-Chris Brown

This song is vocally convoluted and sort of mess. I’m pretty sure the only reason it made it onto the charts is for the sampling of a Michael Jackson song.

#88: ‘Where Them Girls At’-David Guetta ft. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj

This is one of David Guetta’s lesser quality tracks. It sounds a lot like his other hits from last year, with the exception that it has Nicki Minaj.

#87: ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’-Jason Derulo

Ugh…Pop music and the song ‘Day Oh’ don’t really work well together.

#86: ‘Best Thing I Never Had’-Beyonce

I nearly forgot how much Beyonce hates men. On the whole though, this song is okay. If you’re a man hating mood listen to this.

#85: ‘Headlines’-Drake

The medley and the verses are good, however the beat doesn’t really match it. Drake also continues having better verses than choruses.

#84: ‘Back Seat’-New Boyz ft. The Cataracs and Dev

I swear this song’s chorus was designed for car commercials. The rest of the song is bland. It’s not that great.

#83: ‘In the Dark’-Dev

The verse bit is basically the same as the song above. It’s not that original, or good for that matter.

#82: ‘Remind Me’-Brad Paisley (duet w/ Carrie Underwood)

Yup. More mediocre country music. Carrie Underwood is decent though.

#81: ‘Country Girl (Shake it For Me)’-Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is the epitome of Country rocker. Also, the line, ‘Rednecks rocking ’til the break of dawn.’ Hillarious.

#80: ‘Knee Deep’-Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett

Country music and White Guy with Acoustic Guitar meet-Why?

#79: ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’-Jake Owen


#78: ‘Who Says’-Selena Gomez & The Scene

Standard tween pop fare. Also, I’m always amused that Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is arguably more talented than him.

#77: ‘Cheers (Drink to That)’-Rihanna

It’s good, but not Rihanna’s best. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to this, but I wouldn’t change the station if it came on the radio. And I’m pretty sure the sampling of Avril Lavigne saying ‘Yeah’ is the only money she’s making nowadays.

#76: ‘Crazy Girl’-Eli Young Band



And that’s the first 25 songs on the Top 100 list. Expect the rest of the list in the upcoming days.

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