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Like A Sniper Lining Up For His Shot: A Review

Like A Sniper Lining Up For His Shot (I’m going to start abbreviating this as LASLUFHS) is French crime comic by Jacques Tardi and based on a crime novel by French writer Jean-Patrick Manchette. I’ve always heard good things about Tardi’s works and so I decided to pick this up at the Fantagraphics booth at Emerald City Comic Con. When reading LASLUFHS (even the abbreviation is convoluted) I wasn’t quite sure what I experienced. But when reading it I knew I was experiencing something.

In many ways, LASLUFHS lived up to its description of a crime story. However, I wasn’t quite sure what sort of crime story it was trying to tell. It has the feel of the Bourne-esque films where there are a lot of twists and turns in the narrative. Unlike the Bourne films where there were 3 films to tell one long story, LASLUFHS is only over 100 pages long telling what feels like a complex story. The twists and the action comes at the reader very suddenly and it can be hard to keep up with. When reading it I really wasn’t sure if I was enjoying it or not. However, I did find myself becoming engaged in all the action and had a hard time putting it down while reading. So, I guess I did enjoy it. And I definitely feel more this way after thinking about it in hindsight.

Tardi’s art falls into the style of many European comics. In that the backgrounds for panels tend to be very detailed (unless they’re in an enclosed space) with character models are given less attention, but still enough to notice distinguishable characteristics about each individual. The one large exception to this particular work is when things are shot or explode or hit, etc. In those cases the item “damaged” explodes in blood and other bodily parts and organs. It is fairly graphic and so I caution those squeamish to pass on this one because of the depiction of graphic violence.

I’m not really what I think about Like A Sniper Lining Up For His Shot in the end. I’m a fan or the European style of drawing comics, and I wasn’t too bothered by the graphic violence of the art. The narrative was a bit confusing, but I found myself hooked on the action and all the twists of events. So, I guess in the end I did like it. And I would suggest it to those who like crime or European comics. It definitely left me with curiosity for more of Jacques Tardi’s work, so expect another review someday.

Like A Sniper Lining Up For His Shot is written and drawn by Jacques Tardi. It is based off the work of Jean-Patrick Manchette. Both Tardi and Manchette are owners for their respective adaptations. It is distributed by Fantagraphics.

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