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LBGT Issues in Mainstream Comics [Links]

After posting my most recent post on LBGT issues in mainstream comics I decided to create a space for collecting link related to the issue. I’ll post links I find over time as well as any that people send me (so please do!). I’ll post some brief description about it and the link itself.

Comics Alliance: “Betting Odds on DC’s New Gay Character”

This article is a good example of satire/parody of the typical musings in reaction to comic news announcements. These sort of articles, especially on topics like LBGT issues draw away from the importance of the issue, in that aspect, this particular article is terrific because it understands the importance and pokes fun more at those who muse on such things.

Comic Book Resource: “One Million Moms Target DC, Marvel”

This is more of a look at the reactionary voices towards the issue. While I personally believe it’s important to understand the feeling of oppression and means of resistance, it’s also important to understand reactionary voices (even if you don’t agree), because it’s simple ignorance if you don’t. It’s also a launch pad for larger critical thinking and study on the subject.

The Gutters: #297

Ryan Sohmer’s Gutters webcomic has always amused me in some of its playful criticisms of the comics industry. It has a consistency of tongue-in-cheek humor on most issues. However, when I read the descriptions below I find myself disagreeing more than agreeing. In this case I feel there is some misdirection. It feels more like the musing that the Comics Alliance poked fun at. Also, there’s a significant other comics on LBGT comics before. I’ll let it up to you to construe Sohmer’s criticisms.




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