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Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds-A Review

I’ve had the first volume of Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey sitting on my shelf for months now needing to be read. I had enjoyed the beginnings of her Secret Six run and I’ve heard good things about Birds of Prey, so I was excited to finally getting around to read it. In the end though, my expectations didn’t become fulfilled. Why?

In terms of its narrative, there isn’t anything too wrong with Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds. While there are some weak moments here and there it was good enough to follow along. While I don’t think it matched the caliber of storytelling that the early trades of Secret Six had, it felt unique enough to get attention and I can see why some people like it. The first volume wasn’t enough to lure me in a hunt for more, but I am expect more as I’ve only heard good things about the run. However, this isn’t where my expectations fell flat.

In this first work of Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone worked with artist Ed Benes. And somewhere in between them (or one of them specifically, I’m really not sure) something went wrong with the panel and art direction for the series. Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds was the first time I got mad at a comic book for being overtly sexist. What comes to mind here is the plethora of booty-shot panels and showing Black Canary in an non-anatomically correct position to show off the more sexual parts of her body. When I was reading it I felt like the comic was first intending to showcase the women of the comic in a sexual manner and secondly tell a story.

No booty panel here. But this still shows the sexual objectification here.

While I’ll laugh at the absurd and criticize choices made regarding female depictions in comics, I understood that those comics were typically made for men by men. Here, at least for a substantial part of the creative effort, the work is made by both genders for what can be assumed to be women because of it’s ‘all-female cast.’ But that’s superficial. This comic is intended for men. I’ve heard excuses that Gail Simone likes to ‘make her heroines sexy,’ but the limit is pushed too far here. Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds isn’t ‘sexy,’ it’s sexist.

Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds is owned by DC Comics. It’s written by Gail Simone with penciling by Ed Benes.

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