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The Sixth Gun vol. 3 – A Review

I’m not gonna lie. The Sixth Gun is one of the best comics out there nowadays. The first two volumes impressed me with their dark and fun action and characters, on top of an interesting premise (I reviewed both of these, you can find the first review here). For newcomers, The Sixth Gun is a pulpy horror comic in which there are six weapons (guns at the time of the story) that have different powers and once all collected have the potential to end the world. While the third collection has been out for a while, and I picked it up when it was released, I’ve only now gotten a chance to read it (college does that to you). But what did I think of it?

Well, this particular collection of issues took more chances than its predecessors. For one, the action is far less intense than it has been. Here action is subdued in preference of story and character development. While it was odd at first I really got into it. This is assisted by having Drake, the heroic male figure, leave the main narrative. It gave us a chance to finally focus on our protagonist, as well the recently introduced side-character Gorm. These characters receive excellent development in this collection, especially Gorm. For a series that should be dedicated to pulp action I’m taking a strong liking to these character’s personalities and backgrounds. And I’m loving it.

The art for the volume is standard for the series. It’s still in the somewhat cartoon-y vein, but that’s to be expected from an Oni Press publication. There is one particularly good section where a different artist works on select panels detailing psychic visions. The whole work has a great aesthetic appeal that works for narrative and often enhances it when it needs to. It is what it needs to be.
The Sixth Gun continues to stand out in contemporary comics. In fact, it keeps getting better. This particular volume that there really wasn’t a ‘weak’ character in the cast and that they all have a potential likeability to them. The art is good and does what it needs to be. Basically, I can’t wait for more.

The Sixth Gun is owned by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. It is published by Oni Press.

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