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NARG: The Fuzzy Pickle Diaries #1

I wanted to try something new with this post. I wanted to document my time playing Earthbound. No ‘Let’s Play.’ No review. Just straight forward talking about my personal experience with the game. The reason why I’m not doing either of those things mentioned is because 1) Earthbound is so well documented in both those forms, and 2) This method creates a method of connecting and sharing my stories with newcomers and veterans of the game. For those who are unfamiliar or have a hazy understanding of the game, I’ll share video reviews of pre-existing reviews and histories so you can get a better sense of Earthbound. Now enjoy some Earthbound music and read what the game means so far to me…

To many, Earthbound is the ultimate retro game. It’s rare and collectible, but it also holds a nostalgic factor for many. As the Happy Video Game Nerd once put, “To play Earthbound is to love Earthbound.” But, for me I had no knowledge or access to the game until I was older, where I knew of it only as ‘that really expensive game.’ When I did start retro gaming and accessing reviews of the material, Earthbound held a common praise. And so I put down $170 and placed trust in the reviewers. And now I finally have some time to play it, I can say, I see where the praise and love comes from. What’s most important to me is the emotional side of this game.

Earthbound is at a place that actively burrows into the nostalgia and emotive side of gamers. It gracefully makes itself memorable to the player. It doesn’t do this in the same regard as many RPGs of that era did, in that there is particular plot or scenes that hold great importance. Instead, when I began to play Earthbound I felt like I was going on a journey with friends. A journey that would change my life, make me stronger, but I also know I can look forward to going back home. You remain in touch with both your parents, your sister, and the friends you meet. Elements such as the ‘fuzzy pickle’ photographer make this nostalgia apparent. You are controlling and creating memories in Earthbound. Documenting and showing where you’ve gone in your journey, who you’ve meet, and how you’ve changed. I feel connected to Ness growing and going on in his journey.

In our journey we take pictures, talk to those we love most, we run into bumps, get into fights (literal and metaphorical), make friends, and lose some others. But we grow. The game taps into your nostalgia of your own journeys, big or small. The way we connect with those closest to us. We transpose ourselves onto Ness. We might not be saving the world from Giygas, but we’re still on our own journey.

To be continued…

And, as promised, here is a great video from Roo of the Clan of the Grey Wolf on the history of Earthbound:

Also, if you’re looking for a definitve fan-community take on Earthbound and the other Mother games I really suggest the Starmen website.

If you have any of stories and experiences you wish to share with me you can leave them in the comment section or e-mail them to me at nalvicreviews@gmail.com.

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