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Quick Thoughts: The Wii U Experience

Last night, I got the chance to go event with loud music, a fair amount of people, free food, and Nintendo consoles on the horizon. The event was hosted by Nintendo for their new Wii U coming out ‘sometime this Holiday season.’ I went, as a guest, with a friend to test the gamepad, launch titles, and what else there was to see of the console. In the past, I’ve been skeptical towards to Nintendo products, particularly the DS and the Wii. Over time my skepticism has largely been undone. The DS is one of my favorite video game consoles, boasting, with what I think, one of the greatest game libraries ever. And the Wii really proving its innovations with games such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This time around, I decided to give Nintendo a chance with the Wii U.

At ‘The Wii U Experience’ there were two things I really wanted to see regarding the system; the games and the gamepad:


Yet again, I’m not thrilled by Nintendo’s launch titles for the console. There wasn’t anything shown at the event that was horrible, but nothing really stood out. There wasn’t anything that made me want to rush out and get the console just so I can play one particular game. This is a problem that the launch of the 3DS suffered (and still does to an extent). Like the 3DS, I hope developers warm up to console soon. The issue is less on Nintendo to make great games (which is somewhat inevitable) and for the developers to do so.


The gamepad was my main curiosity for the system. It’s the distinctive innovation for the console. And when I finally got to test it out I had no issues with it. It’s not heavy, is easy to hold, easy to reach all the buttons, and motion sensitive when needed. What I did notice with the games they had available was a lack of specific focus on the gamepad. It was something you could use in many cases. Only games like ZombiUNintendo Land, and Game & Wario seemed to have a specific focus on it. When used it felt like a nice mix of the touchscreen tech of the DS with good multiplayer activity (as in the case of Nintendo Land). The gamepad felt like it could be used for both interactivity, with the screen and others, or just as a controller. Nintendo was also highlighting the Wii U Pro controller, which worked essentially the same as the Classic Controller, currently available for the Wii. On that note too is the great use of being able to use prior console peripheral without any big investment. For those just updating to the Wii U, it means you don’t have to swap out all those controllers simply to upgrade. It’s great.

In the end, the Wii U appears to be a strong console. It builds off the Wii greatly, in the form of controllers, which is actually a positive. I would want to see greater innovation with the gamepad. The launch titles leave something to be desired, but I have hope it’ll come through in the end. I can honestly say I’ll probably pick up a Wii U ‘sometime this Holiday season.’

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