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Emitown Vol. 1: A Review

Emi Lenox’s Emitown is a hard work to review. Like Natalie Nourigat’s Between Gears, Emitown is a sketch diary. As such it’s difficult to evaluate it as a narrative piece because its focused on ‘real events’ that aren’t necessarily strung together. It’s just life as it is.

On that note, Emitown is a personal work. At times its vague and doesn’t explicitly state what is going on. It’s a measure of privacy deliberately used by the creator. Again, it’s hard to be critical of the narration of Emitown. While there is nothing specific in terms of narration, it is an enjoyable read and interesting to learn about somebody in a new form. Emitown, and other sketch diaries, are some of the most intimate memoirs out there.

The art in Emitown on the other hand is much easier to explain. Figures are varied and detailed to a necessary degree within their specific contexts. Everything is fun to look at. A lot of this comes from the strong ink work throughout the book. Like figure detail, it helps create a tone for the day, or part of the day, that it’s used in. The art is solid throughout.

As stated at the beginning, Emitown is a tough piece to review. The narrative follows the diary format and it is personal, but not explicit, and doesn’t really have an overarching feel beyond day-to-day life. The art is definitely a large appeal to the work. Though this has been a difficult review, I can say I enjoyed reading Emitown and if you like the idea of a sketch diary with good art, then I recommend it for you.

Emitown is drawn and written by Emi Lenox. It’s published by Image Comics.

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