Hello! This is the section to find out a bit about me and the blog. It’s also something I hope to expand greatly in the future.

Who am I?

My name is Calvin, I go by Nalvic as a username I picked up years ago accidentally and it stuck. I’m a current graduate student at the University of Washington with a focus on cultural studies.

Why a blog?

I found blogging was a good way of developing some writing skills and I wanted to use to talk about things I liked. I started with a comics review blog before switching to this blog to cover more general things.

What is covered in this blog?

As of now, this blog is fairly general. There are two main forms published here; Written Content and Videos.

Written Content: I review comics and write articles regarding media and culture. Comic reviews are what started this and make up the bulk of the publications. I have a separate blog where I write on political and social issues now and then.

Videos: I have a couple of video series that I produce and edit.

NARG! (Nalvic’s Adventures in Retro Gaming): A retro gaming show!

Films of Yore: A series I started to evaluate the historical context in films!

5 Second Movies: 5 second clips of various films. These videos appear now and again.

Japan’s Revisionaries: A 5-part series looking at remakes of Japanese manga and anime!

Sequential Cinema: A show of reviews looking at comic book movies. The first I produced. Currently on-hiatus for an indefinite period.

The Not-So-Modern Show!: A show that is in its planning stages. It’ll cover video games that don’t fit in the NARG! series. The focus is from about 1997-2003.

That’s about all I can say for now. If you have any questions/comments/feedback you can send that nalvicreviews@gmail.com. You can also follow me on twitter @NalvicReviews. I hope you enjoy the material!


I’m also always on the hunt for artists to make title cards for each series. I can pay you too!

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